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Good Morning Fashionista’s~

It has been a crazy busy January! It seems all that needs to be done, doesn’t fit into the day. For those of you that are in Michigan, we seem to be prisoners in our own house’s due to Mother Nature. Hopefully this snow will end soon, the salt is killing my shoes! 

As you know my blog is based around primarily fashion but, beauty goes hand in hand with any look. I’m starting to feel the pressure to do some “preventative maintenance” as I get older. I’m sadly approaching my 32nd Birthday on the 5th and it seems every year I get one more wrinkle. 

I was thinking that Botox might be the key to my wrinkly issues. Well, after reading so many reviews, I quickly cancelled my appointment. I have spent hundreds of dollars on cream systems, masks,  and infomercial products. No matter how much they hype the product up it never seemed to work. Instead of trusting a Sephora or Ulta sales rep, I made an appointment with an aesthetician. I told her that I wanted to prevent as many wrinkles and age spots as possible, and she suggested a brand called SkinCeuticals. I was a little skeptical, as I never heard of this brand before but I thought I would give it a try, what’s one more product right?!  Whenever you try a product, make sure you give it a full two weeks in order to see a difference. Gradually I started to see a change in the tone and glow of my skin. Also my skin seemed to be tightening up/wrinkles diminishing. I have been using it for more than a month now, and my skin has never looked better! Keep in mind, that it always helps to drink a lot of water and ensuring a healthy diet. 

I would NOT endorse a product unless it worked, as I know how it feels to throw money away on products that don’t work.  I unfortunateley paid more buying it from the Dermatologist office, but my girlfriend found it cheaper @ Skincare Market. (link below)

I hope this review was helpful! 



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